Water Solutions

A Personal Point-Of-Use Solution!

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One Drop Point-Of-Use, personal purification solution is packaged in a 30ml, medical grade, dropper bottle.

Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, this personal, Point-Of-Use purification solution can be carried on ones person at all times and also easily distributed to people in the rural or outlying areas.

Each 30ml dropper bottle contains 600 individual drops and dosages vary between 1 and 4 drops per litre of water, dependent on the source and quality of water being treated. This equates to a conversation of between 150 - 600 litres of 100% Safe Drinking water per 30ml bottle.

In the case of rural communities, whom rely on water from rivers and dams, the cap of the 30ml bottle has been precisely sized to accurately administer the correct dose for a 20L water container.

The One Drop™ 30ml Point-Of-Use solution is packaged in bulk for distribution by CSI projects, Aid organisations, Governmental Health Departments and Military or Defence Force Ration packs.

Packaged in cartons of 300 units per carton, an effective solution for mass distribution.

Carton Size: 300 x 300 x 260 mm / Weight: 9kg.

Retail Pack Formats. Point-Of-Use!

One Drop Product

One Drop Point-Of-Use, personal purification solution has been specifically packaged in an attractive "bubble" feature blister packaging for the retail market.

This pack format has been well received by the retail market, in particular those catering for Campers, Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as urban travellers and tourists visiting the Sub-Saharan African region. This One Drop pack is suited to various environments including formal & informal retailers, outdoor retailers, pharmacies & independent retailers.

Packaged in cartons of 10 units per carton, we strive to offer our retail partners with a quality product, as well as support in the form various merchandising solutions to meet any retails environment.

Carton Size: 250 x 180 x 180 mm / Weight: 0.6kg

Domestic Water Storage & Rain Harvesting!

One Drop Ultra

Due to  climate change and the severe drought being experience acress Sub-Saharan Africa, many people and households are turning to domestic water storage and rain harvesting systems to ensure their access to water.

One Drop Ultra is the concentrate version of the OneDrop Point-Of-Use solution and is packaged in a 200ml Bettix bottle.

The 200ml bettix bottle incorporates a secondary dosing chamber, which allows for easy measurement and accurate dosing for various sizes of water storage systems and boasts a very low dosage rate of 0,04ml per litre of water treated.

Packaged in cartons of 6 units per carton.
Carton Size: 170 x 125 x 150 mm / Weight: 1.5kg.

Industrial | Bulk Water Treatment!

Globally, Industrial or "Bulk" water treatment is dominated by the use of Chlorine based products, used in conjunction with various coagulants, which make up the "typical" water treatment process. One Drop Ultra offers an alternative (or complimentary) solution to the use of chlorine, which is not only effective but also commercially viable. 

Depending on the quality of water being treated, One Drop Ultra can be used in dosages ranging from 1 : 25 000 up to 1: 500 000 litres of water. One Drop Ultra offers the combined benefit of disinfection and flocculation, which results in the reduction of processes and chemical components used within the treatment plants process as well as the associated costs.

One Drop Ultra is available in various pack sizes ranging from 1 Litre up to 1000 Litre IBC shipping containers.

Water Treatment Plants!

This overview is designed to describe how One Drop Ultra replaces traditional processes in water treatment at industrial levels in water treatment plants. At present raw water undergoes the following 'typical' for of treatment.

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The screen (bars of metal spaced closely together) acts like a large sieve and catches any floating debris like leaves and twigs.
The water is passed through large tanks where aluminium sulphate or iron sulphate (chemicals known as coagulants) are added. These coagulants cause impurities such as colour, suspended solids, bacteria and metals to come together by electrostatic charges (process known as coagulation) where they can be separated from the water.
The water is allowed to flow into large Settlement Tanks, which allows the fine particles to settle.
The clear water is pressed through the filters consisting of a bed of fine sand supported on layers of coarse sand and gravel. The fine sand removes traces of residual coagulant and suspended matter. The sand is washed frequently, by reversing the direction of flow, to remove unwanted particles.
The Chlorination and Fluoridation also takes place at various stages of the process at the treatment plant.

Agricultural Industry.

One Drop Product

One Drop Ultra has various applications in the Agricultural industry as well as for use in industrial and commercial process water.

As an effective water sanitizer, One Drop Ultra has the ability to be integrated into various agricultural processes such as the cleaning and conditioning of raw maize and other grain as well as the washing and final rinsing of fresh fruit and vegetable products for both the local and export markets.

One Drop Ultra is also an effective algaecide, which when used in drinking water for cattle, has the ability to ensure that the water is free of harmful water borne bacteria, pathogens and will also clear any bio-film or algae growth from water storage systems, pipes, irrigation systems and watering troughs.