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The One Drop™ team prides itself in supplying a fantastic product with a strong focus on providing world-class service, reliability and accountability! 

Through this E-commerce platform we aim to provide our customers and valued One Drop™ independant agents with an efficient and reliable online shopping experience coupled with a professional user-friendly agents’ portal. 

The One Drop™ Online platform also aims to provide access to information about the One Drop™ product(s) as well as current issues and challenges around water quality and the supply of drinking water in and around South Africa, related artices can be viewed on our "Water Facts" Page. 

In addressing the Global Water Crisis, the need for point of use water purification without expensive equipment has been identified and in this regard One Drop™ / BacSan have been tested and proven and are now bottled for convenience of use, safe for human consumption and health as well as commercial, municipal and large scale use at an affordable price, effectively offering an effective solution to ensuring safe drinking water for all.

Product Overview:

One Drop Ultra

Manufactured by ACN Chemicals (UK) Limited in France, licensed exclusively to Nutritional Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (SADC Region) a company listed on the Johannesburg Stock exchange (JSE) and distributed exclusively to the retail market through out SADC by Wet Wipes (Pty) Ltd.

 One Drop™ is an ionic solution containing Copper, Silver, Zinc, Aluminium and Gold. The microscopic action of these natural mineral ions within the unwanted algae and bacteria are two fold. Firstly, the algae and bacteria in the water are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes as the ions break down their DNA structures and cell walls. Secondly, all these charged particles floc together, allowing them to be trapped in a filter or to settle to the bottom of the container. These ions maintain a stable One Drop™ residual in the water until this process uses them up entirely.


One Drop™ Contains NO Chlorine!


Various bodies from around the world have tested One Drop™, including the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR –SA) and The Department of Environmental Sciences and Industrial Research at The University of North Carolina (USA). One Drop™ conforms to SAN241 as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA-USA), standards for safe drinking water.

Material Data Safety Sheets are available on request : info@onedrop.co.za

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One Drop Ultra

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