Point of Use

One Drop Point of Use, personal purification solution is packaged in a 30ml, medical grade, dropper bottle. Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, this personal, Point -of-Use purification solution can be carried on ones person at all times and also easily distributed to people in rural or outlying areas.

Each 30ml dropper bottle contains 600 individual drops and dosages vary between 1 and 4 drops per litre of water, dependent on the source and quality of water being treated. This equates to a conversion of between 150 - 600 litres of 100% Safe Drinking water per 30ml bottle.

In case of rural communities, whom rely on water from rivers and dams, the cap of the 30ml bottle has been precisely sized to accurately administer the correct dose for a 20L water container.

The One Drop 30ml Point-of-Use solution is packaged in bulk for distribution by CSI projects, Aid organisations, Government Health Department and Military or Defence Force Ration packs.

Packaged in cartons of 300 units per carton, an effective solution for mass distribution.

Retail Pack Formats; Point-of-Use

One Drop Point-of-Use, personal purification solution has been specially packaged in an attractive "bubble" feature blister packaging for the retail market.

This pack format has been well received by the retail market, in particular those catering for Campers, Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as urban travellers and tourists visiting the Sub-Saharan Africa region. This One Drop pack is suited to various retail environment including formal & informal retailers, outdoor retailers, pharmacies & independent retailers.

Packaged in cartons of 10 units per carton, we strive to offer our retail partners with a quality product, as well as support in the form of various merchandising solutions to meet any environment.