Water Treatments

Industrial | Bulk Water Treatments

Globally, Industrial or "Bulk" water treatment is dominated by the use of Chlorine based products, used in conjunction with various coagulants, which make up the "Typical" water treatment process. One Drop Ultra offers an alternative (or complimentary) solution to the use of chlorine, which is not only effective but also commercially viable.

Depending on the quality of water being treater, One Drop Ultra can be used in dosages ranging from 1 : 25 000 up to 1 : 500 00 litre of water. One Drop Ultra offers the combined benefit of used within the treatment plants process as well as the associated costs.

One Drop Ultra is available in various pack sizes ranging from 1 Litre up to 1000 Litre IBC shipping containers.

Summary of One Drop Ultra - The ONLY Alternative to chlorine:

  • One Drop Ultra Ionic Solution is an industrial strength water purifier supplied in: 25 litre, 210 litre or 1000 litre IBC containers, designed for large-scale water treatment applications.
  • When using One Drop Ultra, no toxic or harmful by-products are formed in thepurification process.
  • Active ingredients for a precipitate.
  • Acts as an algaecide.
  • Removes and disinfects biofilm.
  • Decreases problems caused by zebra mussels.
  • Prevents infection of water systems by water born bacteria.
  • Disinfects water systems contaminated by water born bacteria.
  • Reduction of chlorine residual content in treated water.
  • One Drop Ultra Ionic Solution has the potential to provide both technical and commercial benefits when compared with the use of sodium hypochlorite in water treatment processes.

Water Treatment Plants


The screen (bars of metal spaced closely together) acts like a large sieve and catches any floating debris like leaves and twigs.


The water is passed through large tanks where aluminium sulphate or iron sulphat (chemicals known as coagulants) are added. These coagulants cause impurities such as colour, suspended solids, bacteria and metals to come together by electrostatic charges (process known as coagulation) where they can be separated from the water.


The water is allowed to flow into large Settlement Tanks, whcih allows the fine particles to settle.

The clear water is passed through filters consisting of a bed sand supported on layers of coarse sand and gravel. The fine sand removes traces of residual coagulant and suspended matter. The sand is washed frequently, by reversing the direction of the flow, to remove unwanted particles.


The Chlorination and Fluoridation also takes place at vatious stages of the process at the treatment plant.

Where One Drop Ultra is introduced and replaces the above process:

Step 2 - REPLACES?REDUCES aluminium sulphate or iron sulphate as coagulant.
Step 3 - IMPROVES settlement and filtration.
Step 5 - REPLACES/REDUCES the Chlorination and Fluoridation as disinfectant.