How Rain Harvesting can help change your Life!

What is rainwater harvesting?

Well its rather basic, it is the collection, filtering, and the storage and distribution of rainwater. Rain water can be stored in tanks or reservoirs. This is perfect if the water is needed in an emergency, for off-the-grid systems, and even irrigation.

What are the benefits of such a system?

These systems are eco-friendly, yes that is correct it earned its green sticker! It reduces the amount of municipality water demands, and reduces the sewerage outfall. On a governmental scale it reduces the capital cost for the need to build dams and sewerage treatment farms, which can cost the tax payer a hefty fee in good time.

The system is very flexible so you don’t need to change your life style to suit it. The main benefit is that the stored water is available if there be any future or current water outages. The water will suffice in irrigation and is cost efficient to farmers and domestic households. If you have the problem of flooding from storm waters, this almost eliminates this threat. They do seem large but can be placed of site to make it look tidier.

If you are a person that likes to be neat, the pipes can be hidden easily underground. If you are one of those that enjoy a good swim or family fun in the sun, the rain water can be used to top-up the swimming pool, keeping your pocket happy when the water bill from the municipality arrives. It can also help regulate the water of the swimming pool, keeping it always full.

There are countless types of designs and styles that can suit your need and lifestyle. The systems are very easy to maintain, and keep clean.

They are easy to install and takes approximately 2 working days, with the installation being completely personalised. You will have no water restrictions; it improves the quality of your lifestyle.

Conserve water, and become not only eco-friendly but make your pocket happy.