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What is the active ingredient in One Drop?


One Drops is made up of the perfect balance of natural mineral ions, including Copper and Silver. The biocidal effects of copper and silver have been used for centuries. The early Greeks and Romans made water storage and drinking vessels out of these metals, and enough dissolved in the water stored in them to produce substantial disinfection. More recently, copper and silver ions have been used in hospital, recreational, drinking and industrial water systems. Unlike chlorine, they do not result in dangerous halogenated organic by-products such as trihalomethanes (THM), chloramines and chloroform, and these ions are stable, making it easier to maintain an effective residual.

Can you overdose on One Drop?

The analytical report on One Drop, from the Centre for Scientific and industrial research (CSIR) South Africa, states;

 " Clearly, after the addition of the product - the concentration of the above listed chemicals components are still far below the SANS241 required limit and even lower than the detection limit of the instrument; indicating that the addition of the product does not adversely affect the quality of water. This also indicates that - Chemically speaking - the product can still be used in a much higher quantity than the volume used for this experiment."

Will One Drop Effect the Taste or colour of water?


One Drop is a tasteless and odourless purification solution and will not effect / change the taste or colour of the water being treated. Unlike other purification solutions, such as chlorine which leave a distinct chemical taste or iodine tablets which turn clear water brown.

It is also important to note that One Drop will not make visibly dirty water clear, however it will kill any water borne bacteria present and render the water safe to drink from a bacteria perspective. In order to clear visibly dirty water, it would be advised that once treated with One Drop , water be filtered to remove particles and reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS).   

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