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Aid Relief, CSI Projects & Community Distribution

Our 30ml medical grade dropper bottle, contains 600 individual drops and offers both ease of use and precise dosing for litre by litre treatment of drinking water.


The screw off cap when filled, provides the perfect dose to treat a 20L jerry can.  

Supplied in cases of 300 x 30ml bottles, this pack size is an ideal solution for community distribution, CSI projects and aid relief in times of natural disaster.

Retail Packaging

Our 30ml Dropper bottle is also available in attractive retail ready, blister packaging. 

Well suited to health & wellness as well as outdoor category retail outlets, One Drop is an ideal solution to "on-the-go" water treatment when traveling, camping or hiking. 

Supplied in cases of 10 x 30ml blister packs.

20l Treatment.jpg
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