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Water - the essential ingredient for life on this planet - is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. According to the World Bank and the World Health Organisation, 2 Billion people lack access to clean water and 1 Billion people do not have enough to even meet their daily needs.

Every day an increasing amount of pollution seeps into rivers and lakes making them toxic to humans, and underground aquifers - our most significant sources of water are being depleted at an alarming rate. By 2050 the number of people on  the planet is projected to exceed 9 Billion, and if current trends continue more and more usable water will be lost.

Making an adequate supply of water available to everyone alive today is a monumental task, and ensuring that there is enough water for all future generations will require an unprecedented level of international cooperation and the implementation of sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions.

In addressing the Global Water Crisis, the need for Safe, Simple and Effective water purification solutions without expensive equipment, whilst considering both carbon footprint and sustainability, has been identified.

What is One Drop

One Drop offers a Chlorine Free, Eco-friendly solution to 100% safe drinking water. Tasteless and odourless, One Drop eliminates water borne bacteria and pathogens, which can cause gastro intestinal diseases, such a s cholera.

Scientifically formulated, One Drop is an acidic complex ionic aqueous solution, containing: Copper, Silver, Zinc, Aluminium and Gold.


This revolutionary water purification product has been proven to kill water borne bacteria such as Cholera, E-coli and Legionella, which result in thousands of deaths each year, particularly in children under the age of 5.



The microscopic action of these natural mineral ions within the unwanted algae and bacteria are two fold:


Firstly, the algae and bacteria in the water are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes as the ions break down their DNA structures and cell walls.

Secondly, all these charged particles flock together, allowing them to be trapped in a filter or to settle to the bottom of the container, gaining access to the safe drinking water.

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